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Thread: cannot access internet options

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    cannot access internet options

    Somehow the Internet Option disappeared on my web browser. I had updated to the new version of IE which looks to be working fine. But I want to modify the settings when I clicked on Tools I cannot see anything in it. It is just completely empty. Does the new version has some changes in the UI or the Internet option is hooked at some other place. I need some help to restore the settings back so that I can get a reasonable options here.

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    If you are on a windows server then just check once the gpo settings. You will need to talk to your network admin. Through gpo it is possible to restrict ample of settings to that end user can do minimum modification. So it is possible that those settings are simply blocked. And there is nothing you can do. By default there is no option available in the web browser to simply turn off the feature. There can be some browser based problem also.

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    There is one more way to access the same. Just type inetcpl.cpl in the run box and you will get access to the internet option window. From where you can simply modify the settings. But if that is not visible in IE itself it is better you must re-install the same. There are no major changes in the UI. So it must lie at the same place. You can also run a repair setup which is another easier way to fix the issue and restore all old options.

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    I have also encountered this problem. I did a Windows Explorer search of c:\windows for inetcpl.cpl and there are a number of listings.

    Of interest is the size of different versions:

    \ServicePackFiles\ 350Kb
    \ie7updates\KB928090-ie7\ 1775Kb
    \System 32\ 1781Kb
    \ie7\ 350Kb

    Each of the 350Kb files opened the Internet Options dialog box when double clicked, the bigger files did not.

    It seems Microsoft has updated the original file - and it doesn't work!

    I am going to:

    1. Look up KB928090-ie7
    2. Rename \System 32\ inetcpl.cpl to something else
    3. Copy one of the 350Kb file to \System 32\ and see what happens.


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