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Thread: Windows Task Manager and high cpu usage

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    Windows Task Manager and high cpu usage

    I am using Windows XP here. It has SP2 installed on the same. The system was working a bit slower from last few days. When I checked inside Task Manager I found that the cpu usage there was around 100%. It is too high. And that too when the pc was idle. There are no applications or software running. I a musing Eset antivirus here which shows me nothing on scan. But the system is working extremely slow. How can I find what is causing the performance issue.

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    Re: Windows Task Manager and high cpu usage

    Go to the process section and check the list of applications. You can simply sort it by cpu and memory usage. And just check which application is consuming more process. Terminate that. On the basis of that service you can also find out the associated application. It can be a virus problem. Boot in safe mode and see whether your cpu usage is 100% or not. Jeep the system on full system scan on safe mode and test back.

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    I will advice you to test some other antivirus. It looks your antivirus is not capable of giving you complete protection. Just download some good antivirus and scan your system thoroughly. Then check back. If still nothing works then the last option remains is to format your system. Because in this way your system will keep on getting slower and slower. Take your data backup first and then check back.

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