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ATI MOM.Implementation Error on Windows XP Professional X64

Windows XP Support

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Old 23-02-2007
Join Date: Feb 2006
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ATI MOM.Implementation Error on Windows XP Professional X64

I am getting an issue when I install and uninstalled graphics drivers and then I installed back the drivers on Windows XP 64 bit edition. I am using Ati X1950 video card and I have installed Ati Catalyst 7.1 drivers and even tried the 7.2 drivers. Whenever the OS boots then I am getting an error message that states "Could not load file or assembly "MOM.Implementation" or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified." Can anyone tell me how to solve this error? Thanks.

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Old 03-03-2009
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Re: ATI MOM.Implementation Error on Windows XP Professional X64

I had this ATI MOM.Implementation Error on xp64. I luckily had ERUNT installed and it worked. I couldn't fix the problem though and if it happens again reverting to old registry files isn't what I really want to do.

Use ERUNT it will save you when system restore and reinstalling doesnt work!!

Anyway I did full uninstall, boot safe mode and run ccleaner, driver sweeper, delete ATI folders in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
C:\Documents and Settings\?Your User Name?\Application Data
C:\Documents and Settings\?Your User Name?\Local Settings\Application Data
and installed all the .net framework junk for x64, 1.1, 1.1sp1, 2.0, 2.0sp1, 3.0, 3.0sp1, then java x64, installed catalyst suite 9.2 something, newest version as of 3/3/09, and catalyst control center still didn't work. No MOM.implementation error anymore but i see CCC.exe start and disappear in task manager... also MOM.exe is running till i start ccc. They both stop after I start ccc manually. System restore didn't work for me. Any real fix out there? I need CCC because my monitor is set to overscan 25% by default and I like to run my graphics card fan at 100% rather than 34% because I still can't hear it at 100%.

Use ERUNT!!! it saved me. I'd like to be able to fix it without just using ERUNT but Im ok for now i guess.

ATI sapphire radeon 4670
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Old 29-06-2009
Join Date: Jun 2009
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Re: ATI MOM.Implementation Error on Windows XP Professional X64

This is a real bear.
I have an ATI Radeon HD4850 card that was originally installed on my Dell XPS Windows Vista Home Premium 64 with an i7-920 processor.

If you are here, you already are looking for the problem. My situation is the same. Major problems with the 9.6 suite. I downloaded the 9.6 suite update, installed it, got errors near the end where the catalyst control center (CCC) is being installed, along with the MOM.Implementation or other similar pop-ups containing specific version codes like version=2.0.3455 .

I tried a number of different things after reading forums, then decided to sleep on it since none of it was working properly. This morning I tried a new approach, combining a bunch of things I had already tried. This is the sequence that worked for me.

1. Ran UNinstall using the ATI 9.6 full suite software.
2. Ran CCleaner to uninstall the remaining ATI program (the suite installer).
3. Ran 3DGuru Driver Sweeper to look for and uninstall any ATI drivers (it found many files).
4. Looked for ATI folders in User Docs, Program Files, and Program Files (x86). Found files in all locations, and I deleted the files and folders within these ATI folders.
5. Restarted computer. (the restart was very slow, and when you come back up, your screen will be low res). No MOM.Implementation error popup.
6. Ran the ATI 9.5 suite (NOT 9.6)--selecting everything, including the CCC. At the end, there were errors indicating the drivers did not install properly (!).
7. Ran the ATI 9.6 DRIVER INSTALL ONLY (not the 9.5!, and NOT the entire suite).
8. Let the computer restart, shutdown is very slow and drawn-out. Walk away for a while. Once restarted, no MOM.Implement error comes up.
9. Checked on the advanced monitor settings and had access to the ATI CCC (which I did not have before).

In summary.
Delete everything ATI using various methods.
Run ATI 9.5 to install the suite - drivers+CCC.
Then run ATI 9.6 driver only.
I think I am probably running ATI CCC 9.5, and ATI 9.6 video card drivers at this point. It is hard to tell. There is no doubt that something is not right in the 9.6 CCC install, but the 9.6 video drivers seem fine.
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Old 08-08-2009
Join Date: Jan 2006
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Re: ATI MOM.Implementation Error on Windows XP Professional X64

Even I was facing this same problem on Windows 7 64bit edition. I think that the problem has nothing to do with the operating system but with the Catalyst drivers instead. I noticed that there was some problem with .Net3.5SP1, so after when I removed it and installed the Catalyst Package along with C++Redistributable, then the problem seems to be gone.
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