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Thread: sound help!

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    sound help!

    When I try to open iTunes I am getting a weird error message on the screen. The message is iTunes found some issue with audio configuration. And after that no audio or video is working. I tried to play some music file by dragging them directly in iTunes also but still it is not working. I had already checked many things here but nothing worked. Can anyone simply guide me here how can I overcome from this problem. Thanks.

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    Even I am having same issue, and when I click the volume icon on the taskbar then it comes up with "There are no active mixer devices available". And also the other sounds are working fine without any issues. Can anyone help me please.

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    I had the same issue but I have solved it now. Go to Control Panel > Admin Tools > Services and check if My Windows Audio has stopped. When you double click on it, then it will give you the option to start it up again. After that you will be able to hear the itunes again.

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    RE: sound help!

    Thanks for the wonderful suggsetion, it has been ages since this problem was annoying me a lot. After following your suggestions it really worked well for me. Thanks once again.

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    I been having exactly the same probelm! the error message cums up when i go into the system tool thing and fix it if i restart the computer it sometimes has the error again and the taskbar goes gret also my windows live messenger freezes every time i log on and everything keeps crashing espechally the wirless internet, if it disconnects i have to restart or it wont connect again!

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    Thank you guys! I signed up just to say my thank you to everyone with the sound not working thing.... i started it up and now its good, i found it under "Windows Audio". i just am so confused on y the grey frez thing happens, cuz it happend to me only once already before i lost my audio. i hope we can figure this out..
    Thanks so much!

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