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Thread: Spider Solitaire (spider.exe)

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    Spider Solitaire (spider.exe)

    I need some help here to find a basic microsoft game. I had lost spider solitaire here. And I a not able to find the same inside my pc. I hope there will be some way to get it back. I tried to find the same on web but nothing is provided. Can anyone help me here to locate the game. I am looking for the original one that comes in windows. I am having a laptop also which has the game. Is there a wa by which I can simply transfer it to my desktop. I hope this would be possible. Thanks.

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    The game lies inside System 32 folder. You can download the same from there and transfer it to the different pc. You have to just copy paste it in the exact location from where you had taken it before. Now there are some more games available which are bit advance compare to Spider Solitaire and offers you more advance levels. It is one of the most best way to play. I will recommend you to simply copy paste the same and then check back.

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    Re: Spider Solitaire (spider.exe)

    Just wanted to thank Paul Smith for his guidance on re-installing the Microsoft games. So many things are just impossible for us computer illiterates it is amazing how some of the problems we encounter are actually so simple to fix.

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