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Thread: Video Capture Device Not Detected

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    Video Capture Device Not Detected

    I am having a Sony DCR-TRV17. It has a iLink connection. I had attached to my pc and it looks like the device is working. Now in moviemaker when I try to use the device to capture some video I am getting a error. The error is video capture device not detected. I am getting this error constantly on my screen when I am trying to use the camera. I am not able to find any solution for the same. The camera has no cd or manual.

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    Re: Video Capture Device Not Detected

    It is a driver bug. It is necessary that your device must be installed and configured as video capture device in your system. Or else you will keep on getting that kind of error. You must try to visit the official site of camera manufacturer and locate the driver updates for Windows XP. Surely you will find some updates that would really work and offer you a proper connectivity output.

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    RE: Video Capture Device Not Detected

    I do not think the camera might be compatible with moviemaker. I am also not able to use a similar camera on my pc. The camere has a firewire type port. So somehow your motherboard must have a compatible driver or some kind of connectivity support. You can do one thing. Buty a pci card that offers firewire connector and use it with the camera on your pc. Through that moviemaker will be able to identify the camera.

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