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Thread: No Sound Coming from my computer

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    No Sound Coming from my computer

    Ok So i recently moved my computer from its normal case to another case
    every thing whent smooth i turned on the computer and the sound WAS working
    so i turned it off and when to sleep

    the next morning i wake up and the sound is not working at all i updated the drivers and unistalled and reintalled the
    Audio Device (SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio)

    then i whent online and got the newest drivers nothing worked....

    so i reinstalled windows XP and still nothin is workin again

    the old computer was a Compaq evo Micro-Case 310
    the audio device is a SoundMAX Integraded Digital Audio

    i dont kno wats going on EVERYthing works like its pose to but no sound is coming out i can play music in Windows Media player but the card is not sendin nothin to my speakers could i have messed it up when i chaged the case?

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    Re: No Sound Coming from my computer

    This is exactly my problem too. Microsoft's trouble shooting center has an answer--buy Windows 7. Am I too suspicious when I suspect XP users are being axed? I've updated my files four times and the sound is still off--no driver available. All the other non MS solutions cost money and I'm loath to pay, since many of them look like scams. Any suggestions?

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