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Thread: How to stop CHKDSK AT BOOT TIME?

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    How to stop CHKDSK AT BOOT TIME?

    I want some help here to stop the CHKDSK command on boot. I found the settings tools menu here. I access that by click on properties in the windows explorer folder tree. But somehow not able to find any solution. A usb is connected to my pc and I think chkdsk is usually taking a a very long time to scan it. Which makes it a bit annoying. I had modified the value of every drives but still the issue remains common.

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    Re: How to stop CHKDSK AT BOOT TIME?

    To modify the settings you have to simply change the settings. Try chkntfs /d in cmd. Tyep the command and hit enter key. Here through The /d you can simply restores the system the default settings and also all drives are checked the time of startup. Autochk runs if you try to run Chkdsk on the boot volume. Autochk runs if Chkdsk cannot gain exclusive use of the volume.
    Autochk runs if the volume is flagged as dirty.

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    Let it run. Chkdsk simply checks for drive errors. If there is some kind of bad sectors or something damage in the system you get the problem. So just allow chkdsk to run constantly unless and until it finally gets all the error fixed. I am sure that will be simply more than enough to fix the issue. If chkdsk does not stops on it own then the only option left is to simply use a bootable system scanner tool which will guide you to fix the problem you are facing. There are ample of system scanners available which can fix the issue.

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    I think you have to format your pc and install everything back again. That will be simply enough to fix the issue. It is a common bug with windows. Your system will not work well if it is having any kind of bad sectors in the hard drive. There are bootable hdd scanner available like ultimate boot cd, samsung hutil, fujitsu diagnostic tool, etc. This are the bootable scanner software available that scan your system and simply fix the problem you are facing.

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