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Thread: "Cannot read from source file or disk"

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    "Cannot read from source file or disk"

    This is Windows XP Home Edition running with Service Pack 2. While cleaning up my system today I found a folder very huge in size. This folder is of no use for me hence I thought to delete it to free up some space on my system. But when I try to delete the same, I get an error message saying something like:

    "Cannot read from source file or disk" error.

    Even restarting the system wont allow me to delete it. Any idea what is wrong and how can I get rid of the same? Please help.

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    Re: "Cannot read from source file or disk"

    Hello IpsA, there could be several reason that prevents you deleting any file or folder OR creates the said error. In such scenario, i will suggest you to go through the following articles to get helped:

    You cannot delete a file or a folder on an NTFS file system volume

    See: Invalid File Names here...
    How to locate and correct disk space problems on NTFS volumes in Windows XP

    How to Remove Files with Reserved Names in Windows

    How to Remove Files with Reserved Names in Windows XP

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    Re: "Cannot read from source file or disk"

    hi i have a 32gb usb flash drive using windows xp the file system on the flash drive is fat32 and wont format to ntfs. when i access the the flash drive by creating a folder or copy from pc to flash drive occasionally multiple i mean a numerous amount of folders and files are created with 0 byte files that i cannot delete including folders. so far the only way i have been able to delete is by copying to hd and formatting flash drive. my question is why does this creation happen and is there a better way to clean up the flash drive? copying back and forth is so time consuming and i never know when it may happen again over and over.CAN ANYONE HELP?

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    Re: "Cannot read from source file or disk"

    Buy a good quality flash drive, and not a cheap and nasty one

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    Re: "Cannot read from source file or disk"

    yeah i bidded on a 2gb flash for 5 bucks and got a 32gb instead so i guess your right:P~

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