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Thread: PaperPort.msi error 1706

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    PaperPort.msi error 1706

    I have a second old computer at home running with Windows XP Pro. I donít use it hence yesterday I came to know from my Brother that whenever he starts the system automatically tries to install paperport and few seconds it ends up giving an error message ďerror 1706, the endpoint format is invalid.Ē.

    We donít need this paperport on this computer, also it is not listed in Add and Remove Programs. Surprisingly I dint found any single file also related to paperport on this entire computer. Then from where is it trying to install paperport. Can somebody help me to fix this problem.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: PaperPort.msi error 1706

    Have you installed any Scanner or printer kind of hardware on this system? Because most probably PaperPort is a software which comes scanners.The best i can suggest you is better contact ScanSoft Technical Support by e-mail through FastTrack on the Internet at They can provide you best solution for this.

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