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Thread: GTA San Andreas does not work. please help

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    GTA San Andreas does not work. please help

    I have a Windows XP gaming Desktop with asus Mobo, sempron 2800+, 64mb video memory and 192mb RAM.I was playing GTA San Andreas on this system from past two weeks, without any problem. But the problem started day before yesterday. Actually I was browsing and I went to website where suddenly my PC got rebooted automatically and when it came back, I received an error message saying "Windows has recovered from a serious error".

    I dint took that message seriously but since then whenever I try to start GTA, it appears for about 2 seconds and crashes. I tried restarting the system several times but nothing helped. Do you guys have any idea what has gone wrong and how can I fix this problem?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: GTA San Andreas does not work. please help

    Do you have Antivirus installed on your system? Please run a deep scan and see if you dint git infected by any virus or malware. There are few sites which send virus. If it is clean then i can say that re-installing the game should fix the problem but as you said the problem started just couple of days ago, i will suggest you to better do a system restore to a date just before the problem date. It will not remove your game and the problem also will be solved.

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