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Thread: Alt-Tab causes Windows hang-up when internet explorer 7 is open

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    Alt-Tab causes Windows hang-up when internet explorer 7 is open

    I am facing some strange problems with my Computer running with Windows XP. It has IE7. The problem is whenever i am working with Internet Explorer 7 and if I pressed Alt + Tab to switch application, my system freezes completely. The only way to get the PC normal is to press Ctrl+alt+del and the system gets normal. I donít need to bring up task manager but just Ctrl+alt+del.

    The problem appears only while Internet Explorer 7 is opened; otherwise I never face this freezing problem. Any idea what could be causing the problem? Is it IE7? How can I fix it?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Alt-Tab causes Windows hang-up when internet explorer 7 is open

    Nope, it could be Internet Explorer 7 because billions of XP running systems around the world are having IE7 and nobody faces that problems. Most probably it could be any other software which is creating conflict. Can you just analyze your system and tell me what software you installed on the system just before the problem started?

    Apart from this I will suggest you to also scan your complete system with some good antivirus program and see if it is not effected with any malware or spyware. Also Un-install, de-activate or turn off all/any extra tool bars, in either IE or Windows.

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    Re: Alt-Tab causes Windows hang-up when internet explorer 7 is open

    Hey guys, even i am facing similar problem. In my case it is worse than you because no matter i am running Internet Explorer 7 or not, my computer freezes every time i press Alt+Tab. My system specs are as follows:

    HP Pavilion zv6090EA Notebook PC.
    Dual boot : WinXP Pro SP2 Dutch & Win Vista RC1

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    Same issue - and it ain't malware.

    Me too.
    Identical problem.

    I have just installed xp (new hdd).
    Since I just started from scratch, I'll list what i've installed so far.

    Windows XP SP2 and then....
    1) MSN Live
    2) Canon Easyprint Software
    3) Adobe Acrobat
    4) Adobe Photoshop
    5) Office 2007
    6) NOD32
    7) XoftspySE
    8) Asus Driver for IDE controllers and onboard Sound CArd.
    9) Asus Driver for my Video Card

    I have run spyware scans and virus scans so I don't want to see any more vague posts advertising a new malware scanner or something like that. That's not the issue.

    As I said above, I just did a clean install and have not finished softwaring up my computer, so I can confirm that I get the error with only the programs above installed. Unless one of these is causing the issue, seems that we have a problem!

    As I only installed this all yesterday, I ran all windows updates and have the latest of everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've seen other forums where people are reporting the same problem, but no resolution confirmed so it's not just a few of us..

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    My alt-tab freezing temporary solution

    I am having the same issues only on one PC (DELL) and it started about 1 month ago (around Dec 07). It happens so much that I've gotten used to the alt-tabl, freeze, ctrl-alt-del process. Yet, I've had it freeze to the point of no return now enough that I had to find a solution other that just not running IE7. After turning up no results from my internet search, I decided to venture on my own to find one. I remembered that there were some Power Toys released by MS a while back and that they had an improved task switcher.

    It can be found here:

    So far it seems to work fine as a temporary solution. It's a little slower than the default switcher, yet, I now don't have to worry about the alt-tab, freeze, ctrl-alt-del process anymore. Let me know if it works for you.

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    how to fix ie7

    I had this problem as well and the truth is you don't need to install any extra programs or tools to fix it.

    You've gotten a bad install of ie7 just reinstall it from the ms website and it'll be fixed!!!


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