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Thread: Winlogon.exe corrupt

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    Winlogon.exe corrupt

    At the time of running a virus scan I got a message that a virus was found and was given the choices of Heal or Quarantine? So, I selected Heal and then followed the instructions to restart. Now the computer will only start in safe mode? After checking the antivirus log the healed file was Winlogon.exe? Can anyone tell me how to copy a good version to C:\windows\system32? Thanks

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    Re: Winlogon.exe corrupt

    Can you try to open the command prompt from the start and then all programs and then accessories and then right click on it and select to run as admin. After that type the following in the cursor : CHKDSK C: /R/F

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    You can try to follow the below steps and see if that works:
    1. First of all click Start and then click Run and then type cmd and click ok.
    2. After that on the command prompt, type the below and press enter.
      expand <drive_letter>:\i386\explorer.ex_ <drive_letter>:\Windows\explorer.exe
      expand <drive_letter>:\i386\winlogon.ex_ <drive_letter>:\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe
    3. After that, if prompted to replace the files, then confirm to replace them.
    4. Now restart the computer and check if the issue is solved.

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