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Thread: Windows Installer : "Preparing to install"

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    Windows Installer : "Preparing to install"

    From yesterday whenever I click on anything, then a small sign from Windows Installer pops up stating "preparing to install", and I have to wait extra long to access whatever it was I just clicked on. Can anyone tell me how to remove it once and for all? Thanks

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    Re: Windows Installer : "Preparing to install"

    Can you tell us what are you clicking on before the Windows installer message pops up everytime? Like when you click on notepad, outlook express, internet explorer, windows explorer, etc; and then you get the message?

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    There are not any default settings that can fix this issue. You will have to check the name of the application thats being reinstalled or repaired. Incase the application name cannot be determined then check the Event Logs. Check the below article on how to get into Event logs:

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