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Thread: Windows XP hangs at (start-up) Logo, but will start in safe mode

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    Windows XP hangs at (start-up) Logo, but will start in safe mode

    I am running Windows XP Media Center that hangs up during the startup. I can boot till the logo and scroll to the blue bars and nothing further. I can start the pc in safe mode with no issues. I have already done, scandisk, defragmentation, clean boot, etc, but nothing is working for me. Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue?

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    Re: Windows XP hangs at (start-up) Logo, but will start in safe mode

    To conclude the problem if you are getting a successful safe mode and cannot boot normally, then it means that there is a driver issue. You can check the help function about using of bootlog file.

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    Re: Windows XP hangs at (start-up) Logo, but will start in safe mo

    Thanks for responding, I have started the bootlog, but as the computer fails to start then will the log file be completed? I have checked it but cant see any errors? any ideas

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    XP Hangs on boot logo. Safe mode works

    I am having the same problem. I have reinstalled xp home and pro several times. I found a problem with the partitions but that did not help. I have found that if I boot to safe mode and run NDD32.exe from the Norton system works disk (2003) and schedule a fix on reboot it fixes the problem. Windows will then boot. When I reboot there are two options. "Turn off machine" and "Restart". If I choose restart no problem but if I choose Turn off machine then it hangs on reboot until I run NDD32.exe again. NDD32 seems to run chkdsk /f but I have been unable so far to get this to substitue for NDD32.exe.

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