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Thread: Microphone Drivers

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    Microphone Drivers

    I am having a Windows XP desktop running with Pentium D 830 Processor, 845 chipset motherboard and Realtek Audio HD. System and its sound is working fine but donít know why Iím not able to make my microphone work. Tried several things but it dint worked. Somebody suggested me to remove the Realtek Audio HD and use the built-in Windows XP audio drivers. Well I tried to do the same but donít know how to remove this driver.

    So can anyone please confirm if this is going to fix the problem or is there any alternate solution to get my microphone work? Please help. Thanks.

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    Re: Microphone Drivers

    First i would like to know if you are using the correct volume slider for the mic, as they are two? As far as removing the drivers is concerned, you can find it in control panel > Add and remove programs. Uninstall from their. Restart the PC and wait for few minutes to let windows install the drivers automatically.

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