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Thread: Kernel Fault Check

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    Kernel Fault Check

    I am facing a bit issue with startup on my Windows system. I am using Windows XP Professional XP SP2. I had installed Windows Defender recently. There is no other antivirus. Suddenly a new entry is visible under Startup. It is KernelFaultCheck %systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 -k. I am not sure how does this came in my startup. I am stucked with it. Can anyone tell me what is this things. Is it safe or not.

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    Re: Kernel Fault Check

    That looks suspicious. It is essential that you must use a good antivirus in your system to avoid this kind of threats. There are ample of antivirus tools available. Download some free antivirus like AVG and then test back. I am sure that would be quiet enough to find the threats. While on boot are you getting any kind of error. If not then you can ignore that thing or you can delete it from the startup.

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    There is a tiny utility called as hijackthis. Download this and run it in your system. This utility will scan your system and test out all running application. It will scan your system and provide you logs of each and every application running on your system. That is would be enough to locate the root cause of problem. It does not seems to me something dangerous.

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