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Thread: 24 bit color quality

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    Pontus.E Guest

    24 bit color quality


    I installed my FSX, but when I try to start it up, is gives me en error
    message that my monitor is set for 24 bit color quality, and that FSX can not
    run under that setting.
    Heres the thing, I can not even use 24 bit color quality, I can only use 16
    or 32 bit color quality.

    Is it my video vard?
    I have installed the latest drivers on my ATI Radeon X1900XTX
    Any one know how I can fix the problem?


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    Paul Smith Guest

    Re: 24 bit color quality

    What monitor are you using? Have you tried it in a different
    resolution/refresh rate?

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    Pontus.E Guest
    One Compaq S920 and a Philips Brilliance.

    I have tried unpluging yhe other monito, I have tried 16 bit cr. and 32 cr.
    I have tried every resolution on the screen.

    I'll see what I can find out for you, stayed tuned.

    Make sure correct drivers are installed for both your monitors in
    addition to the ones for your video card...

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    Pontus.E Guest

    Re: 24 bit color quality

    How do I know that?
    I found driver to my Compaq S920, installde them but same thing.

    I am getting a little aggitated becus I want to get this thing to work.

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    djj-k Guest

    RE: 24 bit color quality

    I also am getting this message: Flight Simulator has detected one or more of
    your monitors is using 24 bit color quality. ...etc.

    I have windows xp, sp2, dell ultrasharp 19" FP, MSI GeForec4 Ti4200 video; I
    have installed the latest Nvidia driver, no help; installed latest MSI driver
    (older), no help, the latest Microsoft driver, no help. I have used both
    Dells driver and Microsoft's driver for display, no help. I only have two
    choices for color: 16 bit and 32 bit; neither make any difference. I have
    tried 640x480 thru 1280x1024; none make any difference.

    I opened a case (via email) with Microsoft 10/28/06. They had me turn off
    firewall/anti-virus, etc, reboot; then turn off system.ini, win.ini, and
    startup items, in msconfig, reboot; stop services for any norton, symantec,
    mcafee, etc; look for AOM in task manager to change afinity; set video to
    1024x768 & 32 bit. But the game still will not start; get the splash screen
    for FSX and then the "24 bit color quality" error.

    Microsoft dropped the case after my trying the instructions, but getting the
    same error message.

    I have considered investing in a new video card, but am afraid I'd would be
    wasting my money on AGP; plus I might have do deal with MS re-activation
    after changing the video (...a fate worst than death).

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    Pontus.E Guest
    I think I found a solution, if you go into youre "Program" folder and fin the
    folder called NetMeeting, start "conf", and let it load up, when it pops up
    in the rigt corner on the start menu next to the clock, right click it and
    shut it down, than try if it works, if it do, please send a reply, to help
    other people.

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    David B. Guest

    Re: 24 bit color quality

    Another useless post from a leaching web forum.

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    Join Date
    Oct 2011

    Re: 24 bit color quality

    Yes - shutting down the netmeeting (startup ini) did the trick!!!


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