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Thread: disable forceguest ?

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    disable forceguest ?

    I am using a Windows XP Home based Laptop. Due to some reasons I need to install Veritas software on this system but whenever I try to disable the same, I receive the following error message:

    "The Forceguest value must be disabled in order to install backup exec on windows"

    Can anyone please tell me what is Forceguest and how can I disable the same? Many thanks.

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    Re: disable forceguest ?

    Hello HenrikK, just try out the following Article's Registry section. You will find the solution right there:

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    Re: disable forceguest ?

    I dont know how you suggesting him the registry part because as far as i know in Windows XP Home Edition ForceGuest model cannot be disabled. SO i dont think any registry changes will be effective for the same. However i will suggest you to better try contacting "Backup Exec" support team. See if they can help you out for the same.

    You should also check this article describing some ways to disable "ForceGuest" in other Windows XP editions. Hope you get some information.

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