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Thread: "Setup is being restarted" loop...

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    "Setup is being restarted" loop...

    I recently assembled a new desktop by buying all required hardwares individually. I successfully assembled all parts without any problem. But when I tried to install the operating system (Windows XP), it went fine in the first attempt and appeared like the installation is done successfully. But as well all know the system restarts itself before actually getting to the desktop, after restart I saw a screen displaying a message saying:

    “Setup is being restarted.”

    Bump, what was that? Why the setup is restarting itself and automatically? Problem is that the screen has no more information about this behavior. I allowed it to restart the setup but its been more than 11 hours and it is looping on the same. After completing the installation (or it seems like it is completed) it keeps on restarting the setup on next reboot.

    As per troubleshooting I ran Hard drive test, RAM test on other PC, tried another Windows XP disc, removed few extra hardwares from the system but yet the same result. Setup keeps looping. Any idea what is going wrong?

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    Re: "Setup is being restarted" loop...

    Have you check the power supply unit?

    Have you check the temp. of the cpu (touch the heatsink, is it very hot) ?

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    Re: "Setup is being restarted" loop...

    You have to open up the computer and pull out a battery which is a circle silver battery.

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