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Thread: Open hotmail from Live messenger in Mozilla Firefox

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    Open hotmail from Live messenger in Mozilla Firefox

    I am not able to open my hotmail id in the default web browser. I am using Mozilla Firewfox here. When I open the same I am getting IE on the screen. I am trying to open it through Windows Live Messenger 8.0. It was working well before but recently I had upgraded the Live Messenger. The problem started appearing only after performing the upgrade. How can I restore the old settings.

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    Re: Open hotmail from Live messenger in Mozilla Firefox

    You are getting the issue because your program default settings are modified. You will need to go in control panel and look for program access default. In that you have to choose Mozilla as your default web browser. Then check back. Once you restart your system the issue will be fixed. A number of time when you launch the web browser it will give you a box on the screen as configure as default web browser.

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