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Thread: can't delete document from print queue

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    can't delete document from print queue

    I am having HP Officejet 5500 printer connected with Windows XP home edition computer. Both of these were working without any problem but yesterday donít know what went wrong it is behaving weird. Yesterday I gave commands to print some docs. It got stuck and wont get delete. I tried many things but still stuck on the same. So before leaving I shutdown the printer assuming it will be deleted till morning. But when I started the same again I saw that the doc is still stuck there itself and not getting deleted. Any help ?

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    RE: can't delete document from print queue

    Most probably the cause behind this problem could be some settings or printer driver would have got crashed. Hence you will need to re-install the driver. But to make it sure shot, start it from scratch. So first of all delete your printer from Start > Printer and Faxes. Donít unplug your printer, restart the computer. Once you come back to desktop, Xp will start searching for drivers automatically.

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    Re: can't delete document from print queue

    if just deleting the doc from que is problem, than unplug the printer for 10 minutes. Wait till the memory is gets cleared and the document is gone. Later you can plug it again. It will be good if you update its driver.

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