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Thread: cannot access wab dll address book , outlook

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    eddy Guest

    cannot access wab dll address book , outlook

    i got this error message when trying to send files or access the outlook
    address book. :

    an error occured while attempting to open the window address book. unable to
    find the wab dll.

    what happen. what must i do to remedy the situation. pls help

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    eddy Guest

    Re: cannot access wab dll address book , outlook

    hey, i have found the way to resolve .

    run regedit

    go to hkey local machine -> software -> WAB -> DLLpath

    change the path to c:\program files\common files\system\wab32.dll

    run outlook, you should be able to send mail n access the address book.

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    eddy Guest
    for those who are curious / interested in knowing how to resolve problem or
    those with similar problem , heres the solution.

    problem : outlook cannot find wab dll address book :

    solution :
    run regedit
    go to HKEY local machine -> software -> WAB -> DLLpath
    place the path correct - c:\program files\common files\system\wab32.dll !

    sorry, left out "microsoft" in one of the path in regedit... below is the
    corrected version..

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    When I get to the DLLpath step I find the following choices:

    copy key name

    None will allow me to insert the info string you suggested

    I then tried the option New and found

    string value
    Binary value
    Dword (32-bit) value
    Qword (64-bit) value
    Multi-string value
    Expandable string value

    None of these options would allow me to insert the string you suggested

    I am running Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

    At this point the DLL path is now reading:

    Default Reg_SZ value not set

    and I can find no way to change it to the value you recommend...hope you have a fix for me. I still get the same WABDLL error message popping up on my screen.

    Well, yes and no. I contacted AT&T support and the Tech guy walked me through a whole lot of steps...the last one was to go into the user file and find the Windows Mail file. I then copied it to the desktop and deleted it. He said that would let me start with a fresh version of Windows Mail.

    We got the Mail program account set up (without the error message popping up), but then when we tried to send or receive email the Mail User window popped up and asked me for my ID and Password. Each time I entered it the same box popped back up for the same info.

    We went through a lot of steps resetting my password, and account info, but nothing worked. So I did get rid of the DLL error message, but Windows Mail still doesn't work.

    His final advise was to uninstall Vista, and re-install it...and that's way too much hassel for me at I am just using Gmail for now.

    By the way, I contacted MS Support, but they want to charge an hourly rate for I said no thanks to that.

    Let me know if you come up with a fix.

    I tried to walk myself through the process of copying and deleting the Windows Mail file, but just don't remember how...we did too much stuff for my small brain to remember.

    When I first set up my new computer (that came with Vista Home Premium), I was with Comcast Cable Internet...and when they helped me set up Windows Mail it never worked right for I just stayed with Gmail.

    A few months ago I switched ISP providers from Comcast to AT&T, and have never been able to get Windows Mail to work with AT&T either.

    I ignored it all until I started getting the dll error messages constantly, so took some time to try and resolve the issue to no avail.

    Like you I am also runnning Office 2000, but can't get Outlook to run for me either. With Outlook there is no send/receive option, so no way to send or receive an email...that whole section seems to be missing from the program.

    I guess I could try doing what you suggested, and install Office 2000 again to see if thet fixes the Outlook problem.

    My only issue with Windows Mail and Outlook, is that when I send an email from within a website customer support email option, or batch send images via email...the email always defers to the default email on my computer...and that is Windows Mail, so the message always get dropped.

    I tried resetting the default email setting to Gmail, but that does not seem to work. Maybe I could try it with Outlook (if I can get it to work). Things were sure a lot similer with Outlook Express!

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    I am having the same problem on a new computer with Vista. It worked fine until I installed an older version of Office (didn't want the "free" trial of the newer version just yet.)

    So have you figured it out yet?

    I haven't solved it yet--just started trying things tonight. One issue may be that the version of Office (with Outlook in it) that I wanted to install is Office 2000. It's old, but I own it. It may not be compatible with Vista, however. What version of Outlook were you trying to install?

    I'm going to eventually have to get the new Office, but was trying to wait a couple of weeks because there will be huge sales as college start dates get closer. It would help to know if you were using a newer version of Outlook, because that would mean my problem will not be solved by this new expenditure!

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    Ken Blake, MVP Guest

    Re: cannot access wab dll address book , outlook

    What you say is *not* correct. Office 2000 *is* supported on Vista and
    generally runs very well. See

    The only issues with Office 2000 and Vista are apparently with Outlook

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    Riverside, CA

    Re: cannot access wab dll address book , outlook

    Has a solution that worked for me:
    Run Windows Explorer.
    Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\System.
    Copy wab32.dll and wab32res.dll to C:\Windows\System32.
    Start Outlook.

    (I’m just using Outlook for the calendar, not mail, so the fix was easier. He has extra steps to fix the mail app. As well.)

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