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Thread: Add/Remove Windows Components

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    Jeannine Guest

    Add/Remove Windows Components

    I really messed up this time. I went to the Add/Remove Windows Components
    and I unchecked everything that was already checked and checked the one
    components I wanted to remove (which I think was MSN Explorer - ). So then
    it started doing it's thing and after it was through I was without Internet
    Explorer and Outlook Express (maybe more, but they are the ones that are
    obviously missing). How can I get them back?

    I did a system restore -- once to yesterday and once to the day before. The
    programs, however, do not get restored. They are on my hardrive somewhere,
    but they don't show up on All Programs.

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    Wesley Vogel Guest
    You UNCHECK the items that you do not want and you CHECK the items that you

    See this for more...

    How To Add or Remove a Windows Component in Windows XP

    Just do the reverse of what you just did.

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    Jeannine Guest

    Re: Add/Remove Windows Components

    Please forgive me, but I still don't understand. There are a bunch of
    things already checked. In particular, Outlook Express is one of those
    checked, but it shows 0.0 MB. Internet Explorer is also checked and shows
    0.0 MB.

    Does this mean they are not installed (even though in a round about way I
    can access them)?

    Do I UNCHECK everything but these two programs and hit Next. BTW, when I
    hit Next it doesn't give me any chance to change my mind!!*#$!

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    John John Guest
    You didn't remove Outlook Express or Internet Explorer, all you did was
    remove shorcuts to the programs, that is why you see 0.0 MB install
    sizes. The others have already told you how to reinstall Windows
    components. It should work but if not, to have the Internet Explorer
    shortcuts show again on your system run this in the Start Menu > Run box:

    "%SystemRoot%\System32\shmgrate.exe" OCInstallShowIE

    To have the Outlook Express shortcuts show again run this:

    "%SystemRoot%\System32\shmgrate.exe" OCInstallShowOE

    (Better to copy & paste and the quotation marks are part of the command)

    You are using Outlook Express right now.

    X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2869

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    Jeannine Guest

    Re: Add/Remove Windows Components

    I checkmarked ONLY Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. After it
    finished, I restarted and went back to see it, and it shows Internet
    Explorer and Outlook Express checked and shows 0.0 MB. Shouldn't it show
    some MB?

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    John John Guest

    Re: Add/Remove Windows Components

    No. It will show 0.0 MB. That's the way it is for Internet Explorer
    and Outlook Express. You cannot remove these components via the Control
    Panel Add/Remove Programs, you can only remove the various shortcuts to
    the programs, that is why it shows as 0.0 MB.

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    Jeannine Guest
    Yes, I'm using it because through a round-about way I found it and now I
    have a shortcut listed for it. I am just trying to understand what the
    Add/Remove Windows Components is telling me. I would assume if I checked
    something and it "added" a component, it would show MBs. Are IE and OE
    different in that respect? I have lots of stuff listed that shows 0.0.
    Does that mean it really is "added". How can I tell if it's added?

    BTW, when I "added" IE and OE, I get a message (even though I DID NOT check
    MSN Explorer):
    "Setup is unable to build the list of files to copy for "MSN Explorer." The
    specific error code is Oxe0000102. Setup will continue but the component
    may not function property."

    How To Add or Remove a Windows Component in Windows XP

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    Aug 2010

    Re: Add/Remove Windows Components

    Jeanine, no need to apologize. I know this is an old post but it's an issue that that has caused me many problems in the past because of MS Windows Components Wizard's exceedingly poor and inadequate task directions:

    "To add or remove a component, click the checkbox..."??
    What the...??? So, which is it: CLICK to "add" or CLICK to "remove"??!

    With all the updates MS Windows sends out, it seems it would be a simple thing to send an update that would correct this to more accurately state what CLICKing and checking a tic-box would do and exactly what CLEARING the tic-boxes would do. Sure would help avoid a lot of headache for some users. M

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