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Thread: W: explorer.exe - Application Error

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    W: explorer.exe - Application Error

    Iím using a Windows XP desktop where I started receiving this error message since a week now on startup time:

    Application popup: W: explorer.exe - Application Error : The instruction at
    "0x35f750f4" referenced memory at "0x35f750f4". The memory could not be "read".

    To make sure my system is not infected I ran a deep scan with Norton Antivirus which said my system is clean. Also checked registry and dint found anything unusual. So now donít have any idea what could be causing this problem. Do you guys have any idea? Please help.

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    Well i too had the same problem earlier. I spent several days troubleshooting and searching solution on web for the same but nothing helped ever. In my case the problem use to appear probably when i use to be connected to the
    corporate network... Anyways, at last the final solution was to re-install windows. Which i did and problem disappeared. You can wait for some days and see if anyone can provide you any fix for the same. if not, then you know whats the final fix.

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    Re: W: explorer.exe - Application Error

    did you ever find a resolution to your W: explorer.exe - Application Error? I have the same problem on an XP professional machine.

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