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Thread: Fault Application svchost.exe module ntdll.dll

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    Fault Application svchost.exe module ntdll.dll

    I bought a new laptop and did a complete backup of the old dying one and restored that on top of my new laptop using the NTBackup program on the XP installation disk. All the things were working fine but the problem now is every restart I am getting the below error:

    Faulting application svchost.exe, version 5.1.2600.2180, faulting module
    ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x00018fea.

    After that the services fail to automatically start but do start manually, except the firewall service that tells of an accress denied error when it tries to start. Any ideas?

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    Re: Fault Application svchost.exe module ntdll.dll

    Can you specify what exactly you mean by complete backup and then restore, that it, you mentione programs, that may well indicate you backed up then restored the registry, if this is so then you were lucky the new laptop booted at all.

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    This problem is definitely a Winsock issue and once I uninstalled SP2, restarted the pc, then reloaded SP2, rebooted and then installed different updates from windows update, and then rebooted again, it started working fine then.

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