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Thread: Start service error 193 0xc1

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    Start service error 193 0xc1

    I had added a new backup software on my system. It starts automatically on boot and it depends on the backup service. I had configured the service to run automatically on boot. But somehow it looks like it is not starting on its own. When I try to start the same back again through manually process I am getting a error saying "Could not start the xxx service on the local machine. Error 193 0xc1". I am not able to find out the reason behind the issue. The error keeps on appearing now.

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    Re: Start service error 193 0xc1

    The problem lies with the service failure. It is not proper due to which you are getting the problem. I think you will need to run a repair setup of windows and then I am sure the problem will be fixed. There will be no error afterwards. Just use Windows installation disc and run the repair setup from scratch once again. Then test back it will be working quiet well.

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    Re: Start service error 193 0xc1

    This error occurs because the service manager cannot find the proper path of .exe to run the service. So click on Start and then type services.msc and press Enter. After that search for multimedia class scheduler and audio endpoint builder service and then check the path under "path to executable" for both service.

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