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Thread: Blue screen crash, STOP Error code 000000f4

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    Blue screen crash, STOP Error code 000000f4

    I need some help here to deal with a blue screen error on my pc. It started automatically upon reboot. The error code that I facing is 000000f4. I cannot recover my system from the same. I need some help here. I am having lots of data in my system. I cannot backup the same also. I had tried to boot in safe mode also but still the error appear on the screen. It looks there is some serious bug in my pc. Recently I had just added a new printer and this problem started. Is anyone having more detail on the error.

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    Re: Blue screen crash, STOP Error code 000000f4

    This looks like some kind of serious bug in the system due to which you are getting the problem. Try to remove the ram and then fix it back again. A number of time damaged ram is common cause of problem you are facing. Just remove the ram and re-insert the same back again. I am sure it will be fixed once you relocate the ram and then try back.

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    Re: Blue screen crash, STOP Error code 000000f4

    I got the same issue. It was due to incompatible driver of printer. The printer driver was installed well but later on windows added some more updates. Due to which the system crashed and became unstable. I was not able to find the issue until I checked inside Event Viewer where I got the detail about error. I re-installed windows and added updates manually. Only those which are required and left others.

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