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Thread: Blue Screen Error Code 0x000000F4

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    Blue Screen Error Code 0x000000F4

    My laptop keeps on crashing by giving some 0x000000F4 blue screen error on the screen. I am not able to find the cause behind it. But the error goes if I keep the laptop turned off for sometime. Somehow there is problem with the system hardware. I had checked all the latest updates and drivers but nothing is faulty. The system just crash on first boot. I hope there is no serious bug in the system.

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    Go in event viewer and see what errors do you find. Did you make any recent changes in your system. Like any updates or software installation. It is necessary that you must simply install or update new drivers in your system. Blue screen mostly cause due to a damage ram or due to damage system files. Go in control panel and get rid of all unnecessary application/software installed in your pc. Just wipe the same out and then check back.

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    also you might have a nasty program called securom on your pc it caused my pc to crash all the time untill i reinstalled windows

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    Try to check for new updates and then test back. I am sure that will fix the problem. You can try running new updates and then see whether the issue is gone or not. This is the just be beginning of troubleshooting. It is essential that you must then test your ram. You can use some third party tool for the same. Perform system restore and see what output you are getting.

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