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Thread: Ethernet (1394 Net Adapter) Driver Issue

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    Re: Ethernet (1394 Net Adapter) Driver Issue

    I need help with fixing the ethernet problem on my pc. I am getting problem here. I checked inside the device manager and found the issue with adapter driver. I am sure that my pc has all proper drivers installed. But still the ethernet is not working fine. I am unable to connect to the internet. I am having 2 more pc in my home which are working fine and able to get the shared files.

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    Ethernet (1394 Net Adapter) Driver Issue

    I am also in need of some help here to find out solution for ethernet adapter. Things does not looks to be working fine here. I am having a Windows XP pc here. There is a problem with the existing ethernet adapter. When I try to install the same I am getting a error - the driver was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software. What does the error actually means and how to stop the same.

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    Re: Ethernet (1394 Net Adapter) Driver Issue

    Arrange your chipset cd. I am talking about the motherboard here. You will need to arrange the board cd that has the lan driver. You can simply use that to run the setup and I am sure it will be really helpful to fix the problem you are facing. Just through device manager right click on the ethernet adapter and choose update drivers. Follow the screen instructions and navigate through the CD. That's all. The problem will be resolved.

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    Re: Ethernet (1394 Net Adapter) Driver Issue

    Yes it is a driver bug. Your system is not having the same due to which it is giving you error. If you are not sure about the motherboard model then there is an application that can help you. Download and install CPUz in your pc and run it. And in that click on Mainboard. You will get the model of your motherboard. Search that on Google to locate the right driver update.

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    Even after updating the drivers if the lan is not working then I think it is a hardware fault. The network chip is simply damaged or not working fine due to which you are getting problem. Just carry the board to your nearest service center and ask for the replacement. That will be simply more better to get a proper solution. You can also try using a pci lan card in your pc. That will be more helpful.

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    Re: Ethernet (1394 Net Adapter) Driver Issue

    There is a lot of confusion around the internet about this 1394 Net Adapter Problem and the Ethernet controller.
    First Let me start by saying the 1394 Net Adapter is a type of firewire adapter which can also use the TCP/IP Protocol. The Actual Problem with this issue (no internet connection) is Driver for the Network Adapter present on the motherboard. Intel is the manufacture of my Network Adapter so this solution is for that adapter.

    No Internet Problem in windows XP pro
    Failed to Query TCP/IP Settings of the Connection

    This is the solution found by me.

    1) Go to Link of Intel:

    2) Download the Appropriate Version of the driver.

    3) Install it

    4) Use Internet

    5) Open Network Connections and observe the Local Area Connection with the appropriate network adapter with proper driver

    This information is both Public and of rockynaruto who post it on
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