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Thread: Error 0x80ee000c / SIP Transaction timed out

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    Error 0x80ee000c / SIP Transaction timed out

    I am facing a problem with application sharing on messenger. When I try to do that I am getting a error Error 0x80ee000c SIP Transaction timed out. I a not able to understand why it is not working. I was just using the same a couple of days ago. I am trying to share a whiteboard session here. Firewall is turned on in my system. I do not think firewall is a problem here. I am using the latest version of MSN Messenger. So that is also not a bug.

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    Re:Error 0x80ee000c / SIP Transaction timed out

    Try to add the messenger under firewall exception list. The firewall is blocking it. Also you can do one more thing here to completely wipe out the issue. You can try forwarding a port through netgear router separately for the messenger and then test back. I am sure that will be more than enough for fixing the error. You can simply find out the process of doing the same on web.

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    Re: Error 0x80ee000c / SIP Transaction timed out

    This issue is common with Norton. If you having Norton in your system then there are chances that due to the security application it is getting blocked. The only way to fix the issue is to forward a port for the messenger. You can try disabling your firewall or antivirus for sometime and then test back. It will be more helpful for you in fixing the error. The error will disappear if you unblock it.

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