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Thread: Not able to skip autochk on windows xp

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    Not able to skip autochk on windows xp

    I need some help here with my system which is having Windows XP SP2. There are two hard drive on it. The first one is the oldest. I just added a new one recently to extend my storage. Now the system looks to be working properly but somehow there is a issue with autochk. I am getting a error after welcome screen. The error is autochk not found skipping AUTOCHECK. Can any one tell me more about the same how can I fix the issue.

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    RE: autochk not found skipping AUTOCHECK

    It looks like your system is getting heated due to which you are facing the problem. It is essential that you must check out through some temp monitoring application available free on web. Check through that and see what output you are getting. Sometime this kind of problem also appear due to overheat. Or just try to rebuild your bool loader and then check back.

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    RE: autochk not found skipping AUTOCHECK

    It is a serious issue. You will need to run recovery through windows installation disc. Boot from windows cd and then press R to launch recover environment. Under recovery you can use different tools to fix your system or else you can also run a repair setup to wipe out the system files. I am sure that is one of the most easiest way to wipe out system related problems.

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