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Thread: iTunes install error

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    iTunes install error

    I have downloaded the latest version of itunes installer that usually comes with all the quicktime program that i dont want to use. BUT AFTER having copied all the itunes files the installer is trying to install the latest Quicktime package and the installation fails with the below

    iTunes - InstallShield Wizard
    QuickTime installation failed:

    Error Code : -3

    iTunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes.

    Can anyone please help. THAnks

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    I dont thing itunes work without QUicktime, it uses QUICKtime as a player.

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    Even I am facing the same issue and have been trying to fix it for a couple of months now. I have just now checked your question but I dont see a solution that anyone has provided yet. I have successfully been using Itunes for years, and have never had an issue until I recently tried to install this update. Can anyone please help me as well. Thanks

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    RE: iTunes install error

    To solve this issue, first of all uninstall quicktime manually by going through ad or delete programs. After that reinstall quicktime from the itunes website and once you have done this, your itunes will work properly again.

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    Even I am having the same problem, what is wrong with the Quicktime installation? I am getting the below error messages:
    Error Code: -3

    I have searched for solutions on the web but nothing seems to be working for me? Does anyone have any clues on how to solve this issue? THanks.

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    Follow the below steps to solve this issue:
    1. First of all install Service Pack 2 onto Windows XP.
    2. After that remove any versions of iPod for Windows on the machine, they didn't all want to come off.
    3. Install from the CD that came with the iPod or any other apple device.
    4. Try to startup iTunes and got the error message.
    5. Install QuickTime from version at
    6. Start up iTunes, and there will be no more message

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