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Thread: Office 2003 Repair fails - missing ZF561407.CAB

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    Office 2003 Repair fails - missing ZF561407.CAB

    I used to have News reader that stopped working last night and was not able to enable it again. I thought repairing can fix the same. Hence, inserted my Office disk and started the process. But doing the same, at a stage, it gave me some error saying can't find ZF561407.CAB. I tried finding this file manually in the entire CD but there was no such file available. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Office 2003 Repair fails - missing ZF561407.CAB

    Dont worry friend. if it is not available in the installation CD, you can download one from web. Just google ZF561407.CAB and point the setup when it ask for this file.

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    Re: Re: Office 2003 Repair fails - missing ZF561407.CAB

    Hey thanks buddy. Even I was facing some problem after my Outlook crashed for once. It was unable to start and my 1000s of important mails were locked in the same. When I tried to repair it even I got the same problem and was looking for solutions since long time. Finally following the suggestions above helped me. Thanks again buddy.

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    Re: Office 2003 Repair fails - missing ZF561407.CAB

    You're great... All appears to be working fine... Thanks a Ton...

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