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Thread: Win XP serial number

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    I have a very old desktop running with Windows XP. I installed this OS about 4 years ago with an original windows xp disk. Now due to some reasons I need to format my entire hard drive and do a clean window xp install. But the problem is though I found the CD but I am not able to get the paper where I had written it serial key.

    So I wanted to know if there is any way I can install/reformat windows without serial key? Or please let me know any way I can retrieve the same?


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    Re: Win XP serial number

    The product keys use to be on a sticker right on the installation CD or its pack. Check the cover properly once again. Also i would like to know if it is an OEM software? I mean did you got it pre-installed with the desktop? If yes, then probably you will need to buy a new Windows XP disc. And if you had installed it your self with self bought XP CD then the keys should be on sticker. If it is not there then follow the below steps to recover a lost Product Key:

    There are several third party tools which helps you to retrieve the product code saved encrypted in your systems registry. For this your existing installed system should be running. If your system still runs, you can simply download Belarc Advisor from here to find the Product Key.

    For more help just check the following MS KB describing how to Replace Lost, Broken, or Missing Microsoft Software or Hardware;en-us;326246

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    Re: Win XP serial number

    Yes, you are absolutely correct unidentified. You can use product finder keys to recover your serial key from existing systems. Alternatively you can also use INNOBATE Product Key Recovery as it recovers your Windows XP or Vista product key. You can download it from Windows MarketPlace.

    Hope it helps.

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