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Thread: NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction

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    NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction

    I am simply getting a constant problem here. I am facing some problem with NTVDM cpu here. When I try to use my pc I am getting a problem that the cpu encountered illegal instruction error. I am not able to find any solution here. I tried everything but nothing worked. I am trying to run windows xp on my home pc but the problem here is simply different. It looks like some kind of very serious issue to me. Can anyone here guide me to deal with the issue. I hope there will be some option available through which I can fix the issue.

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    The issue can be simply fixed by running msconfig. It is one of the best way to deal with the problem you are facing. You have to run a clean boot here. For that first click on start and then click on run and in that type msconfig and hit enter. Then go to the General tab second and there click on Selective Startup. In that simply click onclear the Load Startup Items check box. And then go back to the Services tab and click Hide All Microsoft Services check box, and whatever is left disband then click Disable All. Then try back.

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    You have to simply clear windows registry which will do the job. You can use a good cleaner for the same which will help you to deal with problem you are facing. Sometime ample of applications in the system are common cause of issue. The first thing here you can do is simply run system restore and then test back. System restore will simply restore back old settings and make your system more stable. If that does not work then wipe out any recently installed applications on your pc and then test back.

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    click start then run type in config enter go into startup find msupdte.exe and delete

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    Re: NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction

    Here is a fix! all you need is to download this and insert your Windows OS disk:
    16 bit MS DOS Subsystem Error Quick Fix Download 20238

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