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Thread: Event ID:4356

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    Event ID:4356

    This is Windows XP desktop. I donít have any problem while starting or working with this system. However sometimes few of my applications get freeze and I need to kill them though task manager. Since past few days I started checking my Event Viewer I found that one Event ID use to get generated every time I start my system. I donít have any idea what is it related to? Hoep you guys know. It is as follows:

    Event ID:4356
    Description: The COM+ Event System failed to create an instance of the subscriber partition. CoGetObject returned HRESULT 800040AĒ
    What is this error message related to?

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    Re: Event ID:4356

    If you read the error properly, the part "41E90F3E-56C1-4633-81C3-6E8BAC8BDD70" is the COM EventSystem itself (COMSVCS.DLL) it is not that useful in narrowing down the problem. The second GUID, if exists, may point to the application causing this.

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    Re: Event ID:4356

    This event occurs just after a network card attempts to wake or has recovered from an interruption. You may see Information events that relate to the NIC vendor as well as Userenv errors. I recommend turning off all power management features either in the bios or user power settings to determine if the errors go away. If this only occurs during a reboot/cold boot then the NIC is probably not ready for connectivity (hence the connections to COMSVCS.DLL). To validate this use a wire sniffing tool to remotely watch the suspect computer. Once the sniffing tool has recorded the connection by the suspect computer you can compare the times and see that the event 4356 came a second or two before the sniffing tool recorded the connection.

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