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Thread: Mouse Cursor freezes? Help?

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    Mouse Cursor freezes? Help?

    There is some problem with the mouse thatI have, it keeps freezing everytime and I cannot do anything on any page or program that is open and in the end I have to manually shutdown and restart the computer. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this mouse freezing problem? Thanks

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    Re: Mouse Cursor freezes? Help?

    Even I am having this same issue. It was happening with my PS/2 mouse which was locking up and nothing that I tried freed it up. So, I went and purchased a Usb wireless mouse. After installing, it was working fine but after 4 months or so the same problem came back with a different approach, the mouse will work for 4-10 seconds and then it will not for 40+ seconds.

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    Re: Mouse Cursor freezes? Help?

    Have you all tried to lower the graphics hardware acceleration slide? You can the same by going into Display Properties > Settings tab > Advanced button > Troubleshooting tab. If this works, then you will need a different graphics card or drivers.

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