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Thread: CD Drive not reading disks or burning CD's

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    CD Drive not reading disks or burning CD's

    I need some help with the cd drive on my pc. I am burning new disc on the system but it fails to read by the system. I am having a dvd drive which is not very old. I checked in device manager. There is no issue with the driver or any hardware fault. i am using Windows disc burner to burn the cd/dvd. After burning the drive when insert them back in the system it not readable at all. What should I do. I had already wasted around 4 dvd's just in testing. What should I do here.

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    Why don't you try using Nero and see what you can get in that. You must simply use nero here which is a great application for creating CD/DVD. There are some other tools also but I am not really sure whether they will work fine or not. The most you can do is re-install your cd/dvd driver and ensure that it is working fine or not. Or else there is a hardware fault in the optical drive.

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    I know this post is long dead, but did you have to buy a new drive in the end? I think i have exactly the same problem, and really dont want to have to buy a new drive. If u could let me know, that would be gr8!!!

    A workaround is to go to Disk Management and exlore the CD-ROM from there.

    I got a NEC DVD RW ND 1300A and its doing excactly what yours is doin.

    Does any one no how to fix it ?????

    It stopped reading once and i got it working again by unistalling the driver then restarting the computer and then after the drivers were re-installed i inserted a dvd movie and it read it and started working again BUT not for long !!!!

    It started not reading again, so i tried the previous procedure but its not fixing it anymore.


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