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Thread: How can I read an XP Memory Dump?

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    How can I read an XP Memory Dump?

    Iím using Windows XP since past 3 years. My work is related to a program called ĎAnimation 2í which Iím using on this system since years. It worked fine so far but recently started giving me problems. Now whenever i start this program my system crashes and restarts. After reboot when I login again I get a log file with few .txt, .xml and .dmp files. Well I can open those txt and xml file but dmp file wont opens. Can anyone please tell me how do you guys read or open *.hdmp and *.mdmp files?

    Thanks for all your helps.

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    Re: How can I read an XP Memory Dump?

    As far as reading those dmp files is concerned, i will suggest you to first check this following article describing View and Manage Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP:

    Secondly you said whenever you start that program, your system crashes. So why dont you just uninstall it temporarily and see if the system works fine or it crashes still. If it works good then run windows disc cleanup and clean the drive. Then install that program again.

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