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Thread: Supressing the "this device can perform faster" message

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    Supressing the "this device can perform faster" message

    I am getting a problem with my MP3 Player. It has a old usb connection. I think it would be some USB 1.1. All ports on my PC has USB 2.0 ports. I need some help to connect the mp3 player to my pc to transfer songs in the same. But when I try to do the same I am getting a message on the screen related to some drive speed. How can I stop this thing and simply use it like a removable storage to transfer the songs.

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    Re: Supressing the "this device can perform faster" message

    What you get after the error message. Like after clicking on OK. Go in My Computer. I also get the same error for my old usb. But after that I can see it inside My Computer where it is possible for me to transfer the files. This type of message mostly appear when a high speed device is connected on non high speed device. You have to check that properly. Many portable media players comes with a pc suite software through which you can transfer songs in them.

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    Go in Device Manager. In that you can simply find USB Host controller. Right click on that and choose Properties. Go in the Advance tab and in that look at the bottom side. You can find a option that says do not tell me about usb errors. Check that and apply the settings. That's all. The error message will not appear back once the device is plugged into your pc.

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