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Thread: netlogon service is missing

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    netlogon service is missing

    I am not able to find netlogon on Windows XP PC. I am having a SP2 edition here. I am performing some updates and get stuck with an error message. Once the updates were installed I restarted the pc. The error that I got on my screen is "Unable to log you on because the netlogon service is not running on this machine". What does this error means. I am able to boot in safe mode and things look to be working fine. But in the normal mode I am getting the problem.

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    Re: netlogon service is missing

    The problem might be with the netlogon service. You can install that back in your pc and the error will be gone. For that go in Network Connections first. Look for the active connection and right click on that. Then click properties. Now go in General and then click on Intel. Here you will need to look for Client. Click on Add and select Client for Microsoft Network. Click on OK and reboot your pc. The issue will be resolved.

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    Re: netlogon service is missing

    Not a big issue. The problem lies with Security Accounts Manager. You can follow the below link to get more information on the problem you are facing. Another easy way to get rid of this problem is running system restore. It is also a good way of fixing the problem instantly.

    Err Msg: Unable to Log You on Because the Netlogon Service Is Not Running

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    Run system restore in Safe Mode. That is the best way to fix the problem you are facing. Or if nothing works out then you will need to run a repair setup of windows. The repair setup will replace the damaged system files and it works really well in terms of output. Just try running a repair setup and then check back. I am sure that will be more easier for you.

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