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Thread: yahoo chess problem

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    yahoo chess problem

    I want some help to run Chessmaster 5500 and also whenever I try to play chess on the internet then my computer is not given access to enter the rooms?

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    Re: yahoo chess problem

    The online games are usually developed by Java, Flash or Virtual Machine. So the fix to your issue would be to install the latest version of this software and then try to play the online game and see if that works.

    Download and install Flash from:

    Get the latest version of Java from here -

    You can also try to perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program, check the article here -

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    Yahoo Chess Version Conflict Solution!

    Yahoo Chess Version Conflict Solution!

    This problem attacked me many times till I found the solution. It never never bothers me anymore.

    People are asking what's the problem. The problem is...

    You didn't sign out correctly in your previous session when you were in Yahoo Chess, therefore the YAHOO SYSTEM thinks you're trying to login again even though you are already logged in to its memory. SOLUTION: Open one window and sign into Yahoo. Then sign out of yahoo by clicking the "sign out" link. Now the system is cleared of its record of you logging in before. You can now log in and there would be no problem.

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    I used my solution to the problem and it didn't work!

    That was because...


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