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Thread: Windows XP Crash with Blue screen error 0x000007E

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    Windows XP Crash with Blue screen error 0x000007E

    I need some help with Windows XP installation. I am using Windows XP Professional Small Business Edition. I was using Windows 2000 before. I had upgraded the same to Windows XP but there are few issues. When I update the same I found some programs failed to work properly. I went in msconfig and disabled all the startup programs but still it is not working. I am getting a bluescreen error 0x000007E on my system.

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    Re: blue screen + 0x000007E

    It is a series bug. It looks some system files are causing the crash. It is always recommended to install a new OS from scratch by formatting the hard drive. When you perform upgrade on old OS there are some old drivers or system files which are left in the system. Due to which your system crashes. You can go in Event Viewer check inside the same about detail description of error. You can post that here for more details.

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    Boot in safe mode and remove unwanted programs. Remove drivers and also remove any recent windows update also. That will be more than enough to get rid of the issue. If you are having windows installation disc with you then you can simply use that to run a repair setup of windows. It will replace the damaged files and ensure whether everything is fixed or not.

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