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Thread: PCMCIA MTD-0002

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    Pcmcia Mtd-0002

    Whenever I am trying to insert pcmcia scsi card in my laptop my windows xp detect the cards and ask me to install the driver for pcmcia mtd 0002. Well it must automatically recognized it is an adaptec card but it does not. Well I tried to install the driver manually but still its not working. Did anybody over here have faced this kind of issues.

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    Re: PCMCIA MTD-0002

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1200 using a Sierra Wirless 875 AirCard. Until a recent automatic update that included Bios, it worked fine. Now it refuses to detect the aircard. Diagnosis indicates a lack of driver for PCMCIA MTD-0002 (?). Also NEC PMI Host Controller conflicts with USB ports. I have contacted Dell, out of warranty, no support. I have contacted AT&T and Sierre Wireless, same results or out of their expertise. Any suggestions?

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