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    C-media Ac97 Audio Device

    I am getting a constant error on my pc when I turn it on. The error is - Error loading cmicnfg.cpl. And the sound stopped working. There is nothing on the system. I checked my system specs and have C-MEDIA AC97 AUDIO DEVICE. It is really annoying. I am having the chipset cd also but still it does not looks to be working. Can anyone help me here is getting driver update. I hope there will be ample of options available still to restore my pc settings back.

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    Did you checked the hardware properties. What it shows. If not then just go in Device Manager. Right click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager. In that just check the audio device and see what option you get. Right click on the audio device and click on update driver. I am sure that will be more helpful for you to get proper audio updates. If you are having chipset cd with you just run the drivers update and then check back.

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    Try running system restore. That will help you. I think some recent changes in the system has caused the driver failure. It is essential that you must run system restore and choose a date earlier when everything was working fine. Or the second thing you can do is download the driver manually from web and install them in your pc. You can find the driver on the basis of your motherboard model. I am sure that will be enough for you to locate proper updates.

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    I got the same kind of issue due to a windows update. The update just was not compatible with the audio driver. So I found yellow warning marks in Device Manager. Even after updating fresh drivers nothing happened. So I removed the update first and then re-installed the driver back again and it started working fine. There is no issue at all. So you will also need to do the same thing. Just remove recent updates and install the drivers.

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