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Thread: USB-UART Tx line driver

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    USB-UART Tx line driver

    I want to know from where I can get the USB-UART TX line driver for Windows XP? Is there anyone who can help me out? Thanks.

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    Re: USB-UART Tx line driver

    Even I am looking for the same driver? It would be appreciated if anyone can give me the link to download this driver. Thanks.

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    Re: USB-UART Tx line driver

    Could you all please provide some more information about what is the make/model of the device that you are talking about? Usually, all the drivers are listed on the manufacturers website, so download it from there itself.

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    Re: USB-re232


    I bought a usb - rs232 hub but when I connect it comes up with code 3087 wrong configeration.

    any advise please

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