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Thread: File system error 16389 with DVD

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    File system error 16389 with DVD

    I am having a Sony desktop. It has a Media Center edition of Windows XP. I am having a dual layer dvd burner on the same. The DVD drive simply works great for burning cd. I bought some set of blank cds. I tried to create a folderi n the cd but when I did that I am getting a error that unable to create new folder. The DVD works better for everything. I just want to move some videos inside a single folder in the DVD. Those are old videos. What should I do.

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    Im having the same problem would somebody help please. I see the same problem with a Lite-On DVD+RW drive. Unfortunately, I think the problem is that Windows XP does not support writable DVD media. The only information on suggests that Windows Longhorn version will support writing to DVD media. Until then I guess we have to use an application such as Nero to write files to DVD+/-R.

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    Re: File system error 16389 with DVD

    This is simple, but confusing. The built-in Windows XP "Writable Folder" app cannot write to DVD media, only CD media!

    So, the simple cure is to take the stupid DVD-R disk out of the drive and put in a CD-R, if you need less than 700 Megs of storage. If you need more storage, you will have to use a DVD-R, but you need to use Roxio, Nero, or some other program with DVD burning capability to handle the task.

    Ok, I did spend more than a half an hour searching ms and the web for the "cure", before I found a hint of it in this thread.

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    access this News Group directly with the following News URL...


    What does it mean when you get this message when you are trying to write to a CD???

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    Re: File system error 16389 with DVD

    I would download astroburn lite, compress all files to zip, and burn from there. Astroburn is free and works. I encountered the same error and am using astroburn ALOT. Hope this helps...

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