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Thread: USB Mass Storage Device Driver Missing/Not working?

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    USB Mass Storage Device Driver Missing/Not working?

    I am having a Sandisk 256mb Usb device which is not working properly on my laptop which is running on Windows XP. If I plug it in, then I am getting an error that tells me it is running slower than Usb 2.0 or so but nothing else happens. Also, there is no new drive available, and the device manager shows this cruzer device as an unknown device. The driver is usbstor.sys I think, which have been in my system from what I have read, but if I want to check, then it was not in the system32/drivers folder. The same usb device works on other computer. So can anyone tell me how to get it recognized on my computer? Thanks

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    Re: USB Mass Storage Device Driver Missing/Not working?

    Even I am facing the same issue? Can anyone please help us out?

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    In the below link you can find the solutions to some common problems with universal serial bus (USB) devices, including installation problems. You can also try running a troubleshooter to diagnose and fix common problems with hardware and devices:

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