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Thread: base system device

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    base system device

    I am having a HP NC6000 system. It came with Windows XP. I am using Sandisk 128MB external storage device on it. When I connected there was a popup on the notification bar that new hardware found. But it was not installed. There is some bug with the driver. I am not able to find out the issue here. When I went in Device Manager I found it is detected as base system device. It is not completely install. Can anyone help me here in fixing the problem.

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    Re: base system device

    Just go in device manager and right click on those devices. It is showing you base system device because it is not able to find the actual drivers. And this is most common in Windows XP. If you can locate a usb driver update from the official website of your external storage manufacturer then it will be more better. Just right click on those devices and choose update driver. Follow the screen instruction and see what output you are getting.

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    The best thing you can do is update the existing usb drivers for your pc. There is an usb driver pack available for windows xp which you can download and install in your pc. Ample of time through windows update you receive those drivers. Base system devices failed to work as they are not able to get proper driver. It is better if you go on the official site and collect fresh drivers update. It will be more better.

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